YoJo offers two key areas of entrepreneurial services for businesses:

YoJo builds capability by analysing business situations that enable the business owner to make informed business decisions. We have found generally that the business owner is too busy working in the business or does not have the skills but wants to know how to build a better business. YoJo works in the company premises and analyses company data that provides the information that enables the business owner to make better informed decisions. They compliment this service with excellent networks should they be needed.

YoJo offers business development services that help a company identify gaps in their business. These gaps constrain company growth.

We scope a project based on the company need. Plan the project with the business owner. Implement the project. Achieve results. In doing these projects we find that YoJo transfers their business development knowledge by informal yet learning discussions.

YoJo writes on behalf of the company - Government Grants. These range up to half a million dollars and are well worth considering because they provide the company with projects that are focused and help move the company forward into the international arena. Government grants are not easy to write and consume a large proportion of time.

We specialise in:
Enterprise Development Grants
Growth Services Grants
Market Development Grants

We also have experience in other types of Government grant applications such as those proposed by Tertiary Education Commission and others.