The Waitakere Business Awards (2003 – 2006)

History: The Waitakere Business Awards had been
run for 7 years and the event in its current form had become tired.

The Challenge: First stage was to develop a strategy
to grow and rejuvenate the event. Second stage was to design a structure that supports growth of companies through innovation.

New brand developed specifically for the Business Awards resulting in:
Positive brand attitude
Numbers at the Business Event grown significantly
115% increase in prospects
35% increase in businesses who entered the
Business Awards

Significant increase in quality of companies (validated by Judges)
Increased recognition from various stakeholder groups
Increased media coverage
Increased suite of sponsors and sponsorship funding
Financial restructuring resulting in the Event breaking even – a first ever!
Increased positive feedback from Sponsors, Businesses, Judges, and Attendees


The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation Scholarship Awards 2004

History: The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation was set up to celebrate and acknowledge youth excellence in sport.

Objectives of the organisation:
To initiate sports scholarships to enable sports people to reach their full potential
To promote, support and encourage all amateur sports with particular emphasis
on the youth of West Auckland
To prepare a plan of development with short and long term goals for amateur
sport in the region
To establish liaison with existing regional organizations, various sports
associations, local authorities and local clubs.

The Challenge: To raise participation in the event and the value involved. Historically this event had only ever been organised by the committee. YoJo approached this challenge by implementing structures, systems and processes to grow the numbers attending the event,
build up interest for the charity auction and bring in sponsorship for youth athlete scholarships.

New positioning strategy developed resulting in:
Increased awareness and positive brand attitude
Attendance at the event increased by 200%
Sales and marketing strategy developed to include database building, targeted
media campaign, telemarketing, communications campaign, and brand building
New suite of sponsors and sponsorship funding for the awards
300% increase in funds donated from the charity auction
Financial restructuring
Increased support for young athlete’s development to represent New Zealand
at world class Olympic events



Summit-Quinphos Mid-Year Sales Conference 2006

The Challenge: Develop a plan resulting in a
conference that positioned Summit-Quinphos’s brand
and motivated staff at Formosa Golf Resort.

Sales staff rejuvenated by Conference and
key note speakers and team building
Sales staff and employee feedback extremely
positive resulting in potentially increased
Annual Awards Dinner incorporated into
conference as part of Summit Quinphos’s
enhanced corporate communications to delegates
Financial re-structuring



A training programme for innovation development aimed at those companies with high
impact potential

The challenge:
To create programme material
Identify commercially astute business people with innovation experience
Identify the right type of companies
Build a cohesive programme that offers hands on practical advice on how
to innovate and overcome constraints to growth

Results : Outstanding!
As each company’s innovation is different and the results of companies growth was
not measured beyond six months, qualitative data in the form of company feedback only
is available.

Below are comments from companies who participated in the LaunchPad
training programme:
The company has made progress into value add products – e.g. sorbets and
new packaging. It is also expanding products. More staff have been hired.
Extremely useful for networking since all the mentors are very well connected.
Fantastic for standing back to work ‘on the business’ rather than working harder
‘in the business’.
They feel that higher margin products will improve profitability.
Very useful to meet other businesses in the area and to develop their business
plan into a working document that supports innovation.
Before LaunchPad they thought a business plan was a sterile exercise.