YoJo is an entrepreneurial services and event management company that understands
how to maximise business growth. Resourcefulness and our original approach to business
development gets results.

YoJo is a partnership of two entrepreneurial minded women who are energetic, fun, smart,
and passionate about creating the opportunities for you! We like to take on projects that are creative and challenging because we like problem solving.

Understanding our client’s goal is key. YoJo’s ambition is to optimise that through
understanding business development. Our ability to work on several levels whether it be
an event, conference, funding grant, or project such as developing your communications
or marketing - we know, grows business. We bring depth and breadth of business
development know how plus networks. If we don’t know the answer we know a high
calibre person who will!

YoJo will provide you with clarity, inspiration, confidence and the ability to achieve your
goals with remarkable results.